Our Story


Flyfishing is our passion. Let us share our love of the sport with you !

Living in Niseko, this small city in hokkaido, is all about adapting to the 4 seasons we get here.

there is a time for skiing and there is a time for fishing !

We spent all our free time in 2015 and 2016 exploring the rivers and steams around Niseko. searching for big fishes, different species. adapting our flies to the local insects. We were always excited, even when we didn`t catch anything (didnt happen a lot, but it happened !)

We are now confident enough that we know enough about the area, the fishes, the rivers that we can finally take on customers and share the love of flyfishing with you !

Hugo is the founder of Niseko Flyfishing and Tenkara. His love of the outdoors and travels brought him to Niseko few years ago and he has loved every seconds of it.

Here is is, showing off with a nice small amemasu !

Niseko Flyfishing and Tenkara

We are a small guiding business and we love what we are doing. After spending coutless hours researching the best spots and the best techniques for Hokkaido, we are finally ready to take you onboard !

Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Kutchan-Cho

Email: info@niseko-flyfishing.com

Phone:   080 - 2005 - 2614

All our tours include pick ups and returns in the Niseko area.

Cancelation Policy : 100% refund for weather reasons or 15 days prior to your tour.

calls between 8am and 4pm.

If we do not pick up, please excuse us, we might be on the river.


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